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National Media Group
The National Media Group was founded in February 2008. It combines the media assets of JSC Russian AB Bank, A.A. Mordashov, Surgutneftegaz JSC, and Sogaz Insurance Group with the aim of increasing both competitiveness and management efficiency.
National Media Group is currently one of the largest media holdings in Russia and combines assets from key segments of the Russian media market.
The holding consists of the PetersburgChannel 5 television and radio company (72,4%); Channel 1 JSC (25%); Ren TV (68%); the Izvestia newspaper (73,2%); the Russian News Service radio station (100%); Art Pictures Vision LLC (part of the Art Pictures GC) (50%); the Metro Petersburg newspaper .
Kirill Kovalchuk is the chairman of National Media Group's board of directors, and Alexander Ordzhonikidze is the holding's general director.
Petro Mir
The Petro Mir group of companies was founded in 2000. Its headquarters in St Petersburg, Russia. Over the last 14 years it has become one of the fastest-developing multi-industry groups of companies. As a forward-looking company, Petro Mir conducts its business according to international standards. It provides a high level of earning power for its stockholders' capital, and it assists in the development of the markets in which it participates.
Petro Mir operates successfully in the following major sectors: development, construction, commercial real estate management, industrial manufacturing (timber processing, building materials, chemical manufacture, etc.), scientific research, oil and gas product production and reprocessing, plastics, mining, satellite communications, and venture projects.
The Petro Mir group of companies support various social and cultural events in Russia and Europe and holds various cultural festivals and events. Petro Mir successfully organizes one of the more important ATP World Tour events in St Petersburg.
Aeroflot is the leading airline in Russia and a member of the SkyTeam global aviation alliance. The combined network of the alliance's routes connects 1,052 destinations in 177 countries. In 2013 Aeroflot carried 20.9 million peopleor 31.4 million, taking into account the airlines of the Aeroflot Group. In 2014 Aeroflot won the prestigious international SkyTrax World Airline Award for Best Eastern European Airline. Aeroflot has the world's youngest fleet of aircraft among major airlines, counting over 150 aircraft.
Rostelecom JSC is one of the largest national telecommunications companies in Russia and Europe, operating in all segments of the communications market and covering more than 34 million households in Russia alone..
The company holds a leading position in the Russian market for broadband services and pay television: number broadband subscriptions exceeds 10.9 million, and Rostelecom pay-TV has more than 7.7 million users, including over 2.4 million who watch the unique federal Interactive TV product.
Rostelecom is the clear leader in the telecommunications market among Russian state authorities and all levels of corporate users.
The company is a recognized technological frontrunner in providing innovative solutions in the spheres of electronic regulation, cloud computing, health, education, security, and residential and public utility services.

media partners

European Media Group
The European Media Group (EMG) is one of Russia's largest non-governmental radio broadcast holdings. It includes the Europa Plus national radio broadcast network (the number one radio station in Russia), Road Radio, Retro FM, Radio Seven on the Seven Hills, Cake FM, Sport FM, and Radio Record (Moscow). The stations broadcast area covers over 2,400 towns and villages in Russia, the CIS, and the Baltic states.
More than 21.6 million people (34.4%) listen to EMG's radio stations every day, and more than 41.3 million (65.7%) listen every week.
EMG is a subsidiary of the Siberian Business Union, a Russian multi-industry holding company. The Siberian Business Union's other subsidiaries include industrial manufacturing enterprises, print media, radio stations, sports and health/recreational organizations.
CTC Media
CTC Media (NASDAQ: CTCM) is a leading independent Russian media company. It also owns several digital media assets and operates the television channels CTC, Domestic, Pepper, and CTCLove in Russia; Channel 31 in Kazakhstan; and a television company in Moldova. It has a potential audience of more than 150 million viewers. The international version of CTC is available in North America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan. The international version of Pepper broadcasts in the Republic of Belarus and in Kyrgyzstan.
CTC Media bought VIP.ru in 2014 and launched the Sweet Me ladies fashion brand and online retail outlet. Sweet Me was the first joint project of a media company with a leader in Russian e-commerce.
Rambler&Co is one of the largest Russian companies working in the area of media, technology and e-commerce, with a customer base of over 38 million people a month. The company is the leader among Russian internet media holding companies, according to RIA News. It was formed in 2013 by combining the assets of Poster-Rambler (Rambler Internet Holding LLC, Company Afisha LLC, Lenta LLC, Price Express LLC, Begoon Ltd, Rambler-Games LLC) and SUP Media (gazeta.ru, LiveJournal.com, championat.com, etc). Since April 2014 the company has been run as the single brand Rambler&Co with Alexander Mamut as its manager and chairman of the board of directors.
This is the premier publication in the world entertainment industry. Variety influences all of the major film, television, music, and show business events. Founded in New York in 1905, it was the world's first film industry periodicals. It remains an undisputed authority whose opinion is reckoned with by the world's major media outlets. Variety is so highly regarded that it is the publication through which Hollywood studios try to get the attention of the Oscar jury. According to its readers it is the gold standard of show business news and a must-have publication for professionals in the entertainment sector.
Today Variety is distributed in 60 countries around the world.
Amediateka is the largest Russian internet services for the best TV series on the planet.*
It gathers hit shows from the world's leading networks and studios (HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS, Fox, Sony, WB, BBC, ABC studios, etc.) and presents them all in one place.
Amediateka streams more than 90 TV series, including Game of Thrones, True Detective, Penny Dreadful, True Blood, American Horror Story, Homeland, The Newsroom, and Black Sails, as well as 270 feature films, documentaries, concert movies, and musical shows.
The Amediateka service is available on home, laptop, and tablet computer browsers as well as in iOS, Android , Smart TV apps. The Amedia Premium HD and Amedia online television channels are available to Amediateka users and offer English and Russian audio tracks with dubbing provided by fans' favorite studios.
*According to IMDb ratings

with the assistance of

ProfiCinema, one of the largest B2B projects for the Russia cinema industry is a professional mass media, public relations, and advertising production company with its own printing base.
The ProfiCinema web portal has existed since 2007 and combines online publishing with a cinema database.
ProfiCinema.ru's readers are film industry professionals, journalists, and people interested in Russian cinema.
About 25,000 readers subscribe to ProfiCinema news, and this number is continually growing. Subscribers include movie houses, distributors and production companies, journalists, and students.
ProfiCinema.ru is a media partner of the Russian program of the Moscow International Film Festival, the prize of the MIFF viewers favourite (since 2008), the Russian international film market, and of many festivals and professional exhibitions.
ProfiCinema's manager and chief editor is Nina Borisovna Romodanovskaya.
The St. Petersburg Fontanka.ru online newspaper (http://www.fontanka.ru/) is a daily sociopolitical publication that has existed since 1999.
The publication's main topics are politics, power, business, real estate, roads, cars, finance, employment, entertainment, and city life.
Fontanka.ru counts among its reader business leaders, politicians, civil servants, and tens of thousands of citizens.
Peterburgski dnevnik (St. Petersburg Diary)
The St. Petersburg Diary is the official publication St. Petersburg's government. It has been published and distributed free of charge on weekdays (Monday through Friday) since September 2012. It reports on city life and publishes information it receives from the horse's mouth of St. Petersburg's government.
The St. Petersburg Diary is one of the front-line arenas for facilitating dialogue between St. Petersburg's citizens and their government representatives, whose goal is to make the city comfortable and convenient for living.
St. Petersburg Channel
The St. Petersburg Channel television station has been the voice of St. Petersburg since its first day of broadcasting (10 October 2010). It captures the essence of life in the northern capital in detail, with its problems and achievements, its work days and holidays.
St. Petersburg Channel currently broadcasts on most of the cable networks in St. Petersburg's and Leningrad Region, and it has been in Tricolour TVs basic package of satellite channels since October 2013.
It produces a wide range of programs, with shows such as Good Morning, The Pulse of the City, 11 Witnesses, St. Petersburg Diary, Cosy Chat, Evening Encounters, Party Bureau, A Window onto Cinema, and To Be Underlined. And since August 2014 the station has broadcast every match of St. Petersburg's Russian Premier League football team, Zenit.
Kino-teatr.ru is one of the most popular and authoritative cinema portals on the Russian segment of the internet. It has been a source of information about films (news, round-ups, reviews, and interviews) for seven years now. Kino-teatr.ru serves the most active readers on the Russian segment of internet, with over 300,000 unique users who visit the website daily and read over 2 million pages. The website is currently a media partner of the following festivals: Kinotaur, Movement, Spirit of Fire, Voices, and many more. Kino-teatr.ru is also the main media partner for the Moscow Premiere Festival and the Theatre HD Project, which covers more than 20 of Russia's regions.


Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg I am thrilled to welcome the leaders of the international media industry to our city, which we hope will become an important venue for business development and interaction. The Media Forum has also prepared an exceptional program of film and TV premieres for the citizens of Saint Petersburg.
Vadim Zingman, Aeroflot deputy director for customer service The St. Petersburg Media Forum is just starting out but I am sure that it will become one of the most important events for the Russian and world media industries. We wish all the SPIMF participants a fruitful time, successful new partnerships and a fresh sense of perspective.

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