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The Night of the Best Pilots    
True Detective
The Leftovers
Penny Dreadful
The Knick
4 October 21:30, Aurora
The Affair
5 October 17:30, Velikan Park
Homeland 6 October 20:00, Rodina
CTC media pilot
7 October 20:00, Velikan Park

TV shows have become an integral part of mass culture. They are all the rage, and some of them are at the cutting edge of television and cinema industry. Game of Thrones is a real world-wide phenomenon ranging with such film franchises as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. This year alone the series industry was strengthened by new projects of producers and directors such as Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay, Sam Mendes, the Cohen brothers, Jodie Foster, Steven Soderbergh, Guillermo del Toro. By the end of this year we will see a series by Lana and Andy Wachowski. The series cast has been enriched with A-list stars: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Halle Berry, Clive Owen, and many others. European hits like The Bridge (Sweden) and The Returned (France) are popular all over the world. Russia is keeping up with the trend.

The Night of the Best Pilots

True Detective
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Producers: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Cary Fukunaga, Nic Pizzolatto
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan
Genre: Detective
USA, 2014
8 episodes x 55 min.

Two cops investigate brutal crimes of a serial killer who woke up after 17 years of silence. Their aim is not only to reveal the secret of the maniac but try not to give away their own secret.

True Detective immediately acquired cult status mostly due to the work of writer Nic Pizzolatto and director Cary Fukunaga. The first episode was watched by 2.3 million viewers. Its the best result for a premiere show since 2010 Boardwalk Empire presentation (4.8 mln). True Detective has already got a real sect on the Internet, its members are searching for hidden signs and mystical prompts to unravel the secrets of the serial killer. King in Yellow black stars, Carcosa, straw figurines all this made a lasting impression on the viewers who have wanted and finally got something more than just another series about a maniac.

The Leftovers
Directors: Mimi Leder, Peter Berg, Michelle Mac Laren
Producers: Damon Lindelof, Nan Bernstein Freed, John Blair
Cast: Liv Tyler, Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman
Genre: Thriller
USA, 2014
10 episodes x 60 min.

: Warner Bros. Television

2% of people on Earth have disappeared. The rest will have to carry on. But for how long? And by what rules? The world will never be the same. Created by Damon Lindelof (Lost) and Peter Berg (Battleship).

The series is a screen adaptation of Tom Perrottas novel of the same name. His work as a screenwriter has already been awarded with several Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe. In one of her shows, the famous Oprah Winfrey called The Leftovers one of the best books of 2011. The script was made by the authors of Lost.

Directors: Paris Barclay, Matt Earl Beesley
Producers: Halle Berry, Justin Falvey, Steven Spielberg
Cast: Halle Berry, Goran Visnjic
Genre: Sci-fi
USA, 2014
13 episodes x 42 min.

: CBS Television Studios

Steven Spielbergs new science fiction series about artificial intellect and the future of mankind, starring Halle Berry. Every living thing is under threat when astronaut Molly Woods returns home from space.

A special film studio was constructed for shooting the weightlessness scenes. To imitate zero gravity, actors were flying to and fro suspended on ropes. Molly Woods, Halle Berrys character, is pregnant. The actress got this role right after she had a baby herself. The feeling of déjà vu haunted her over the whole shooting of the first season.

Penny Dreadful
Directors: J. A. Bayo na, Coky Giedroyc, James Hawes, Dearbhla Walsh
Producers: Sam Mendes, John Logan
Cast: Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett
Genre: Mystery
UK, 20142015
18 episodes x 60 min.

: Desert Wolf Productions

The Victorian London has become the most frightening place in the Universe. Here, the night shelters the heroes of your nightmares: from Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein to Count Dracula and Dorian Gray.

The most popular thriller of 2014 from John Logan, the writer of Gladiator and the latest Bond movie. For him, Penny Dreadful is the first attempt at a series. Logan wrote the first two episodes, and left a detailed guide to the characters of the future saga. After that, Showtime bought the idea. You may watch this with your eyes closed!

The Knick
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Producers: Jack Amiel, Michael Begler, Gregory Jacobs
Cast: Clive Owen, André Holland, Jeremy Bobb
Genre: Historical drama
USA, 2014
20 episodes x 55 min.

: Anonymous Content

Medicine of early XX century, no antibiotics, no anaesthesia. The story of a cutting edge New York hospital, its doctors and patients. Clive Owen plays a talented surgeon in a series directed by Oscar awardee Steven Soderbergh.

A year ago, after releasing his new TV project Behind the Candelabra (HBO), the author of Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Traffic, Out of Sight, Oceans Eleven and Che declared that he was done with cinema. The declaration, however, appeared to be a tactical ruse the filmmaker, successful both in art house and in Hollywood, laureate of all possible festivals, decided to try his hands in a new genre TV drama. Verisimilitude and meticulous attention to detail makes The Knick a staggering project. As in most of his films, in this series, Soderbergh acts as a director, cinematographer and editor.


The Affair
Director: Mark Mylod
Producers: Hagai Levi, Mark Mylod, Sarah Treem
Cast: Dominik West, Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson, Ruth Wilson
Genre: Drama
USA, 2014
10 episodes x 60 min.

: Showtime

A man and a woman... And one more man, and one more woman. Noah is a married man, a father of four. After a chance meeting on the beach he falls for Alison, a married woman mourning her dead child. Each of them sees the situation and their relations from their own angle. Will they solve their problems or get even more confused? Can midlife crisis be cured with adultery?

Dominik West, Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson in a new drama series from Sarah Treem (writer for House of Cards) and Hagai Levi (one of In Treatment authors). Dominik West and Ruth Wilson who play lovers in this film have both been nominated for the Golden Globe West for his role in The Hour in 2012, and Wilson for her role in Jane Eyre in 2008.

Directors: Michael Cuesta, Lesli Linka Glatter, Clark Johnson
Producers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff
Cast: Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Damian Lewis
Genre: Political thriller
USA, 20112014
48 episodes x 55 min.

: sho.com

The standoff between Americas No 1 terrorist and the CIA blonde analyst is over. But this is not the end. Brody is no more, Saul has been fired from the CIA, and Carrie, who has just recovered from her loss, goes to one of the most troubled corners of the planet. Shes in for a new life, new dangerous mission, and, in all probability, new relations.

For the first time in Homeland, the action is almost completely outside the US. The creators promise a real adventure. In season 4, the No 1 political thriller of our times will dwell upon the secret war America is waging in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

CTC media pilot

Director: Dmitry Kiselev
Producers: Vyacheslav Murugov, Alexand Er Kessel
Cast: Nikita Efremov, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Pavel Ilyin, Sergey Rost, Sergey Yushkevich, Gosha Kutsenko, Maxim Vitorgan
Genre: adventure comedy
Russia, 2015
20 episodes x 46 min.

This new CTC project is being shot in Moscow and London. It will connect the two capitals and show how not to lose yourself in a big city, and what living London-style is. The Forum will host an exclusive closed screening of the pilot expected to air some time in 2015.

Placing a child in an expensive college by writing all his tests? Getting the best tickets for todays Chelsea game? Hiring a lawyer who will get everything right? Opening a tailors shop in Savile Road at 3 am? Taking the blame for a minor offence? The Londongrad agency is on the job.

For the first time, a Russian feature film is being shot in London! The story revolves around a unique agency that specializes in solving all kinds of problems Russians may encounter in the British capital. There are many Russians in London, and there are even more difficulties.


Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg I am thrilled to welcome the leaders of the international media industry to our city, which we hope will become an important venue for business development and interaction. The Media Forum has also prepared an exceptional program of film and TV premieres for the citizens of Saint Petersburg.
Vadim Zingman, Aeroflot deputy director for customer service The St. Petersburg Media Forum is just starting out but I am sure that it will become one of the most important events for the Russian and world media industries. We wish all the SPIMF participants a fruitful time, successful new partnerships and a fresh sense of perspective.

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